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Know what superheroes have in common?

They volunteered.

You don't need a fancy cape, mask or some hi-tech ventilated suit. Actually, eight pack abs, acrobatic agility or some science-gone-wrong superpower is not even a pre-requisite.


What makes a life-changing difference is the person in the mirror: YOU.
You must possess the absolute and resolute will and fire to make this world a better, safer, positive and supportive place for pregnant mothers in distress, abandoned children and orphans. Starting right here, right now.


We have an incredibly grave problem in our hands: birth mothers abandoning their innocent babies because no help or support is found for them, infants being thrown out of high-rise buildings, left to die in brutal conditions or inhumanely traded. 


This has to STOP. It has to END.


Volunteers Wanted | TheTrinityAgenda

Besides being a trusted, reliable and professional confidant to single and distressed pregnant mothers, The Trinity Agenda was established with the pivotal aim of saving children from the fate of abandonment, achieving a “zero orphans” status in the country and resolutely promoting a legal adoption route. ​


In summary, we are here to:

  • Save, protect and ward abandoned babies/children

  • Shelter pregnant birth mothers and counsel birth parents who are uncertain about their “accidental pregnancies”

  • Create awareness for birth mothers/parents who wish to lovingly place their child/children into adoption; that there is a “safe place” they can confidently come to for assistance and counselling

  • Establish a clear, smooth and hassle-free legal adoption channel for aspiring adoptive families

  • Radically shrink the number of orphans in Malaysia through child adoption, thus, re-enforcing our powerful agenda: that “every child belongs in a family, not an orphanage”

  • Build a safer country for Malaysian children

Volunteers Wanted | TheTrinityAgenda

As appointed Love Ambassador Volunteers, you will have an obligatory duty of disseminating the message and actions rooted in our organization:


  • Educating and creating awareness to the general public about
    The Trinity Agenda and how we help with counseling birth mothers/parents who are distressed about their "accidental pregnancies"

  • Assisting interested adoptive couples who wish to adopt a child

  • Helping with fundraising campaigns

  • Being a positive friend and counsellor to birth mothers/parents and adoptive families

We are particularly looking for volunteers who possess these super powers:

  • Brave and bold about doing what's right

  • Ready at the drop of a hat to take on a case that requires urgent attention

  • Passionate and utterly serious about saving babies, children and protecting innocent lives 

  • Willing to travel to serve when needed

  • Fun-loving, joyful and filled with positive vibrance

  • A fabulous team player and a family-friend at heart


Send us a video resume (visumé) to and tell us in one minute or less why joining us would make your world a better place. 

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