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Humble paychecks. GIGANTIC paybacks.

We have enormous dreams. 


In order to steer and fulfill this great expectation, we need people power; humans who are just as mammoth in their desire and drive to create a country that fiercely protects its children and creates happy families. Our organisation welcomes the fearless who share this same judgement. We are currently looking for:

  1. Love Ambassadors - 3 volunteer positions, part-time or full-time

    • One of the THE MOST important and life-saving roles to play in the organization

    • Attending to general phone/e-mail inquiries from adoptive parents, and meeting adoptive parents directly for interviews

    • Answering general phone/e-mail inquiries from birth mothers/parents who need guidance and counselling, or, who wish to place their baby/child into adoption; meeting birth mothers/parents directly for interviews

    • Organizing and updating the "The Love Triangle" (the wait list of adoptive families) from time to time

    • Acting as the "intercessor" between adoptive parents and birth mothers/parents where communication and privacy of parties are required/requested

    • Arranging interviews with adoptive parents/birth mothers (or parents) to discuss the processes involved in legal adoption; compiling documentary requirements from both parties swiftly and accurately for the smooth transition of the legal process

    • Filing, organizing and safekeeping all adoption records in soft and hard copies, or as required

    • Following-up on required medical checks for birth mothers to ensure consistent health updates of pregnancies

    • Ensuring that questions put forth by adoptive parents/birth mothers are answered in a timely, warm and professional manner at all times

    • Being prepared at a moment's notice to attend to birth mothers going into labour (calling for an ambulance or transporting a birth mother to the hospital), and providing emotional support to birth mothers in labour

    • Informing "the good news" and relative updates to adoptive parents once their corresponding birth mothers enter childbirth

    • Liaising with authoritative parties for the signing of necessary documents with birth mothers/parents

    • Arranging the discharge of birth mothers from the hospital and seeing through post-natal care where necessary/required by birth mothers

    • Receiving and presenting the "bundles of joy" to screened and approved adoptive families  

    • Assigning a Counsellor to birth mothers (post-birth) to ensure that they receive the best emotional and mental support and strength
      to move forward in life 

    • Assisting in any post-adoption matters as required by the appointed Legal Advocate or adoptive families

    • Keeping abreast with all news, legislative laws and updates pertaining to counselling, child adoption, child abandonment, child abuse, etc, in the media

    • Working with members of the organization to prepare awareness/advertising/reach-out/PR campaigns about The Trinity Agenda  

    • Willing to travel within Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak) as and when required (based on location of adoption cases)

    • Not afraid of voicing out new suggestions/proposals to improve the organization, services, etc 

    • Possess no criminal and drug records

    • Men and women who are retirees (not older than 70 years old), college students, housewives and legally-residing foreigners are highly encouraged to apply

  2. Caregivers (for Birth Mothers) - 2 volunteer positions, part-time or full-time 

    • Attending to birth mothers' well-being pre- and post-pregnancy, including but not limited to: breastfeeding assistance (if required), medications, etc 

    • Being a confidant and friend to birth mothers who need a shoulder to lean on

    • Registered Nurses (RN) or Staff Nurses with specific training in the clinical and practical care of newborns, infants and post-natal care of mothers are preferred  

    • Possess no criminal and drug records 

    • Men and women who are retirees (not older than 65 years old), experienced babysitters, housewives and legally-residing foreigners are highly encouraged to apply​

  3. Huggers/Cuddlers (for Babies/Toddlers) - 3 volunteer positions, part-time or full-time 

    • Performing all tasks related to infants'/toddlers' well-being, including but not limited to: keeping the child’s room orderly and clean, bottle feeding, sterilisation of baby feeding tools, diapering, changing linens/clothing and soothing the child throughout the day/night

    • Attending to every physical need of infants/toddlers in their care and administering necessary topical ointments or oral medications, as required or necessitated 

    • Delicate, loving and caring in nature, and possess strong social skills, a nurturing attitude and genuine enthusiasm

    • Providing daily reports about babies' food consumption, bowel movements, emotional state and sleep patterns, referring to detailed notes taken

    • Smiling, hugging and cuddling are mandatory

    • Possess no criminal and drug records 

    • Men and women with babysitting experience, retirees (not older than 70 years old), college students, housewives and legally-residing foreigners are highly encouraged to apply

  4. Cook - 1 volunteer position, full-time

    • Creating a vibrant and healthy diet for birth mothers who are sheltered by the organization by preparing meals, maintaining a safe kitchen environment, and continuously being creative with meal preparations

    • Adjusting or adapting meal plans to accommodate specific dietary needs, whenever possible

    • Adhering to proper handling and storage protocols for all foods and ensuring compliance with all relevant food service regulations

    • Following all safety protocols and consistently practicing a culture of safety 

    • Maintaining an open communication and professional working relationship between colleagues of all levels

    • Actively participating in planning and production meetings with the team

    • Attending required in-service training and education programmes

    • Other duties as assigned

    • Possess no criminal and drug records 

    • Men and women who are retirees (not older than 65 years old), college students, housewives and legally-residing foreigners are highly encouraged to apply

  5. Cleaner + Tea Lady/Man - 1 volunteer position, full-time

    • Ensuring the setup is kept in tip-top condition at all times 

    • Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of every room and department

    • Attending to general cleaning and clearing of rubbish from the different departments/rooms

    • Upkeeping of toilets and pantries in the setup​

    • Smiling and courteous, holding a friendly disposition at all times

    • Preparing and serving drinks or snacks to visitors/staff for meetings, or as and when required for guests and colleagues

    • Collecting and washing cups, tableware and storing them in the designated storage areas

    • Responsible for ensuring and maintaining adequate stock of beverages and light food items at all times

    • Actively participating in planning and production meetings with the team

    • Attending required in-service training and education programmes

    • Other duties assigned from time to time

    • Possess no criminal and drug records 

    • Men and women who are retirees (not older than 65 years old), college students, housewives and legally-residing foreigners are highly encouraged to apply

  6. Content Manager/Copywriter1 volunteer position, work-from-home 

    • Diploma/Degree in Mass Communication/Advertising/Journalism/Public Relations/Related communications area with at least 3-4 years of working experience 

    • Experience in creating compelling messages; crisis communications experience a plus

    • Managing all web content, all forms of media communication and awareness projects

    • Writing, editing, and proofreading new content; supervising writers, editors, content strategists; an arbiter of best practices in grammar, messaging, writing, and style

    • Ensuring that all documents meet established content standards and works with necessary parties to assess any challenges in displaying/publishing content

    • Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, email, point of purchase, mobile, video, print and in-person

    • Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals; mapping out a content strategy that supports and extends awareness initiatives, both short- and long-term, determining which methods work for the organization and why, continuous evolvement of strategy is encouraged 

    • Integrating content activities within traditional awareness campaigns

    • A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected and the candidate will work closely with the organization's Chairperson on all creative and branding initiatives to ensure a consistent message across channels

    • Possess no criminal and drug records 

    • Men and women who are retirees (not older than 65 years old) and legally-residing foreigners with relevant experience are highly encouraged to apply  

  7. Certified Counsellor - 2 volunteer positions, part-time or full-time 

    • Possess a Diploma/Degree/Master's Degree in Counseling/Counseling Psychology, Psychology

    • Possess a high degree of responsibility and is capable of dealing with difficult situations on a regular basis

    • Working with birth mothers/parents to improve mental health pre- and post-childbirth

    • Encouraging birth mothers/parents to discuss their emotions and experiences

    • Examining issues including substance abuse, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships, self-image, stress and suicide

    • Working with birth mothers/parents to help define their future goals, plan actions, gain insight and assisting them to move on positively and confidently pe- and post-childbirth 

    • Developing therapeutic processes for birth mothers/parents to ease their emotional stresses/burdens that may come with the decision of keeping their babies/child adoption

    • Maintaining up-to-date files on birth mothers/parents

    • Consulting with the organization and staff concerning birth mothers/parents' needs

    • Possess great communication and listening skillshas the ability to show empathy and compassion, effectively handles clients with physical/mental conditions and has mature judgment

    • Possess no criminal and drug records

    • Retired counsellors/psychologists (not older than 70 years old) are also strongly encouraged to apply

  8. Accountant - 1 volunteer position, part-time 

    • Possess an accounting degree/professional qualification (ACCA, CIMA, CPA, etc)/minimum 5 years experience in related capacity 

    • Responsible for preparing the financial statements in accordance with accounting principles and standards

    • Ensuring that appropriate accounting control procedures are implemented

    • Coordinating and guiding the activities of subordinates, reviewing ledger and reports to identify and trace errors and making 
      necessary corrections

    • Ensuring accurate and appropriate recording of revenues and expenses, making certain financial records are properly maintained 

    • Substantiating transactions with relevant supporting documents  

    • Preparing accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements, accounting-related reports, summaries and reconciliations 

    • Reviewing and advising on operations regarding revenue and expenditure trends and financial commitments

    • Maintaining confidence by keeping financial information confidential at all times 

    • Coordinating annual audit processes, trouble-shooting accounting problems

    • Recommending, implementing and monitoring accounting procedures and controls

    • Investigating, reconciling and resolving accounting discrepancies and irregularities

    • Ensuring compliance to legal requirements and advising management on necessary actions

    • Possess no criminal and drug records  

    • Retirees (not older than 65 years old) and legally-residing foreigners are also highly encouraged to apply  

Work For Us | TheTrinityAgenda

If you believe there are other areas and capacities where you can contribute to our organization (which are not listed above), we'd be more than happy to hear your proposition for action. 


Send us your video resume (visumé) to and tell us in one minute or less why joining us would make your world a better place. 


We have to caution you though - the work you do may not necessarily be rewarded largely in dollars and cents, but we promise you this: what you witness with your eyes, ears and heart, the "profit" is most often than not, too huge to sign-off on your paycheck.

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