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Documentary Requirements

Prospective adoptive parents must produce the following original documents on which self-attestation is done for the purpose of legal adoption. The documentary requirements are OBLIGATORY and MUST be obtained and compiled prior to setting an appointment with a Love Ambassador to ensure that your application is submitted smoothly for consideration and due processing.

  1. Statement from Adoptive Parents' Employers

    • Indicating salary for the past six months. The statement can also include the annual income, but it must always indicate the amount you have received for the previous six months.

  2. Home Ownership/Rental Agreement

    • A notarized copy of the document confirming ownership of rental rights of adoptive parents' house/apartment, indicating total and living area, as well as, number of bedrooms.

  3. Latest Medical Information

    • Adoptive parents may visit their family doctor or healthcare specialist for this purpose. The medical report MUST include:

      • A full blood examination inclusive of a drug, syphilis and HIV/AIDS tests and stating that they are not coping with any incurable or contagious diseases

      • Assessment on mental or physical condition to cancel out any doubts that would otherwise prove incompetent to care for the adopted child

  4. Two Certified True Copies (CTC) of Marriage Certificate

  5. Two Photocopies of Prospective Adoptive Parents' Identification Cards/Passports

    • Should one adoptive parent not be a Malaysian citizen, a copy of the Permanent Resident Card/Passport must be included.

  6. In case of Divorcees (Single Parent), a Divorce or Legal Separation Decree needs to be submitted

  7. In Case of a Previous Adoption, the Prospective Adoptive Parents Must Furnish the Adoption Decree/Court Order

  8. Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) / Police Statement 

    • This must be issued by a competent authority (the Police / Foreign Affairs Ministry / Embassy), attesting the adoptive parents' having no criminal records. Adoptive parents are encouraged to give this PRIORITY, as the CGC may require some time to process.

  9. Two Photocopies of Prospective Adoptive Parents' Birth Certificates 

  10. Two(2) Letters of Recommendation 

    • These letters of recommendation should be from persons who are well acquainted with the adoptive parents and who are not the immediate relatives of any of the prospective adoptive parents.

  11. Two Colored Passport-Size Photographs of the Prospective Adoptive Parents

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