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Muslim Adoptions

Generally, it takes approximately two years to fully complete the Malaysian component of a Muslim child adoption. We're here to accompany you on this affectionate journey to the point of smiles.

Step 1: You MUST Be A Malaysian Citizen - Married/Single


Child adoption is open to all married Muslim couples, as long as you are a resident at the time of adoption (a resident does NOT include people here on work visas). If you’re wishing to adopt as a Single Parent (unmarried), you may do so, however, there are specific terms attached to adopting as a Single Parent. It is important to speak to our appointed Legal Advocate before you adopt to ensure that you meet the Malaysian requirements for adoption.

Step 2: Identify the child you wish to adopt


If you’ve identified a child you wish to adopt through a third party, swiftly get in touch with our Angel Officer to make all relevant adoption arrangements. Alternatively, if a child is found through our organization, we will mete out the necessary procedures accordingly.  An Affidavit (also known as the “Statutory Declaration”) must be signed by the Birth Mother, which will grant you legal guardianship of the child concerned. After which, our Angel Officer will assist in extracting the child’s birth certificate on your behalf.

Step 3: Sign an Expressed Consent Agreement 


The process of adoption under the Registration of Adoptions Act is commonly referred to as “departmental adoption” as the application is made to and processed by the National Registration Department. According to Section 6 of the Registration of Adoptions Act, the adoptive parents require express consent from the Birth Mother/Parents (although the Registrar of Adoptions has the discretion to dispense with consent in the best interests of the child).

Step 4: Probationary Caring Period of Two(2) Years 


According to Section 6 of the Registration of Adoptions Act, the child must be in the custody of the adoptive parents for at least two years from the date of expressed consent of the Birth Mother/Parents. 

Step 5: Issuance of Certificate of Adoption 


After the two-year probationary caring period, the Registrar of Adoptions has the power to summon and examine witnesses for the purpose of deciding whether to register an adoption. Typically, the Registrar will interview the adoptive parents and require the parents to obtain a report from the welfare department on the adoption. In the event the application is allowed, an entry will be made in the Registration of Adoptions Register and a certificate of adoption will be issued.

Step 6: Register a Malaysian passport for your adopted child


Upon receiving the Certificate of Adoption, you may then proceed to get a Malaysian passport for your adopted child. ​

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