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Non-Muslim Adoptions

Generally, it takes approximately six months to fully complete the Malaysian component of a non-Muslim child adoption. We're here to accompany you on this affectionate journey to the point of smiles.

Step 1: You MUST Be A Malaysian Citizen - Married/Single


Child adoption is open to all married couples, as long as you are a resident at the time of adoption (a resident does NOT include people here on work visas). If you’re wishing to adopt as a Single Parent (unmarried), you may do so, however, there are specific terms attached to adopting as a Single Parent. It is important to speak to our appointed Adoption Advocate before you adopt to ensure that you meet the Malaysian requirements for adoption.

Step 2: Identify the child you wish to adopt


If you’ve identified a child you wish to adopt through a third party, swiftly get in touch with our Angel Officer to make all relevant adoption arrangements. Alternatively, if a child is found through our organization, we will mete out the necessary procedures accordingly.  An Affidavit (also known as the “Statutory Declaration”) must be signed by the Birth Mother, which will grant you legal guardianship of the child concerned. After which, our Angel Officer will assist in extracting the child’s birth certificate on your behalf.

Step 3: Your first court hearing


Your first court hearing will usually begin within one to three months after your adoption petition has been submitted by our appointed Legal Advocate. You and your spouse are obligated to attend the court hearing together with the child you wish to adopt. The Court  will allocate a social worker to visit your home before the second court hearing commences (usually two to three months later). During the visit, the social worker will discuss your backgrounds, education, incomes, etc, and will also have a brief look-around your home. After this, he/she will submit a report to the Court. 

Step 4: Your second court hearing


Your second and final court hearing will take place up to three months after your first hearing. In this Court hearing, the Judge will review the social worker's report and then complete the adoption. 

Step 5: You will receive official adoption documentation


After the final Court hearing, you will receive your official adoption documentation and the new birth certificate (bearing the names of the adoptive parents as “The Parents”) for your adopted child. This normally takes around 4-6 weeks.​

Step 6: Register a Malaysian passport for your adopted child


Upon receiving the new birth certificate, you may then proceed to get a Malaysian passport for your adopted child. ​

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