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We can’t end orphaning.
But we can begin with finding a last name for them.

The Inspiration

In force since 2012, The Trinity Agenda was officially established in February 2017 with the powerful dream and determination that “every child belongs in a family, not an orphanage”. This passionate NGO is committed towards counseling birth mothers/parents and assisting couples who wish
to adopt.

Our Counselors

One of our primal focus points is to make certain that good advice and counseling are meted out to distressed birth mothers/parents. Our elected Care Counselors are certified, trusted and possess remarkable acumen in dealing with highly disruptive cases. It’s fundamental for birth mothers/parents to receive all the support and care they require. 


Pregnant & Confused?

Are you single, pregnant and unable to decide if you should keep your baby? In a country where social stigma and cultural taboos may haunt and depress your sensitive and delicate condition, be assured that we’re not here to judge you. We encourage you to contact our warm and devoted Love Ambassadors who will welcome, guide and counsel you in your most important decision-making for your precious little one.

We Want To Adopt

We don’t discriminate families - irrespective of whether you’re suffering from infertility or have biological children. If you’ve decided to gladly adopt a child and love him/her unconditionally, that’s all that matters. We’re here to accompany you on this affectionate journey to the point of smiles.

Have You Seen Blood In A Shoe Box?

Based on the study “Estimated and Inferred Infanticide and Infant Abandonment Rates for Malaysia” by Dr Salmi Razali, a psychiatrist and senior lecturer at Monash University, a baby is found abandoned in the country every four days*. These are just using police statistics from 2007 to 2011. The actual rate is far more alarming than reported. With around 18,000 teenage pregnancies recorded in 2014** alone, baby dumping, abandonment and infanticide have soared disturbingly over the years. This inhumane “cultural cycle” has to END. 

THE TRINITY AGENDA is on a bound and determined mission to counsel birth mothers/parents who’re under “pregnancy distress", save babies/children and create
a clear, smooth and legal adoption path for aspiring adoptive families.

Child adoption

*S.K. Thanusha Devi, Born to be abandoned and left to chance, The Malay Mail Online, 2 November 2015.
**Adrian Phung, Teenage pregnancy rate in Malaysia alarming: MoH, The Sun Daily Online, 17 September 2015.

What's Happening Around Us

ALMOST 700 babies were abandoned over a six-year period, with Selangor having the highest number of cases.

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